New York Tourists

New York Tourists

New York Tourists are an Alternative band who instantly leave a stamp on your chest.

With the propulsive freneticism of the likes of FOALS with the grace and pop sensibilities of bands such as Friendly Fires , Blackburn-based four-piece New York Tourists have managed to deftly balance both energy and aggression, and in doing so have created an idiosyncratic brand of indie pop that’s impossible to ignore.

Check out New York Tourists latest track ‘Feel’s So Good’ below

Such is their appeal, that the band’s recent single‘Feels so good’ has received raving reviews which led to the band most recently supporting Kaiser Chiefs in May.

Showing their chilled vibe and persona that rubs off on everyone in ‘Adrenaline’ 

Now however, New York Tourists are looking to the future. New single ‘Skinny dipping’ builds on the band’s familiar freneticism while effortlessly combining a more understated side of the band with a bombastic urgency that could only come from a band on the cusp of bigger things.

Let see what Gary Taylor has to say about Vocalzone!

“With my vocal range being so varied, I sing in falsetto a lot during gigs, and it helps me keep a clear throat so I can achieve these notes with ease. I love it!”

Written by Dan Manley

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