Myth Of A Life


From Sheffield to Greece..Myth Of A Life is becoming legendary in its own right!

Formed in Sheffield in 2013  Although the band was formed in the UK, none of the founding members originate from the UK. Initially the band started out as a one-man project by Japanese guitarist Takanori Shono originally from Impenetrability, Italian Drummer Damiano Porcelli from Golem and Greece’s very own Phil Dellas.

In their debut EP entitled ‘Erinyes’ the different cultural backgrounds of each of the band members combined forces in order to create an amalgamation of the dark melodies of melodic death metal and the ferocious riffs of thrash metal. English bassist Charlie Power joined the band as a session/live member during its recording.

check out their ‘She Who Invites’ from the album of the same name below!

In March 2015, Myth of a Life inked a three-year record deal with giant Greek record label Sleaszy Rider Records in order to release the band’s debut full-length album. The international melodic death metal quintet would start working towards establishing itself as an act in the Sheffield metal scene by playing numerous live shows around the area.

In mid-June 2016, Myth of a Life released their debut album ‘She Who Invites’ via Sleaszy Rider Records.

Check out the Myth of a life’s latest single “God Within” Featuring Efthimis Karadimas from the band Nightfall

In April 2017, Myth of a Life unveiled the cover artwork and title of ‘Chimera’, a brand new EP which would act as a follow-up effort to their full-length album ‘She Who Invites’. By June 2017, the band had finished the recordings of ‘Chimera’. The EP was mixed and mastered by William Price in Sheffield, UK.  In July 2017, the band released a single from their upcoming EP ‘Chimera’ entitled ‘God Within’.

Though the band has suffered from members coming and going the band ‘Myth Of A Life’ is becoming legendary in its own right!

Lets see what Phil Dellas has to say about Vocalzone!!

“As a death metal vocalist playing shows that last about an hour can be a demanding process. Even if I incorporate a thorough warm-up and I make use of appropriate technique before the show I will still have some inflammation in the end. The Vocalzone tea and pastilles have helped me with a quicker recovery in order for me and my throat to be ready and healthy for the next show.”

Written by Dan Manley

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