METAPRISM define ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with a combination of male and female vocals, ruthless aggression and soaring melodies. Live and on record, their modern and dynamic sound creates a unique brand of melodic metal.

Formed in late 2012, METAPRISM is the brainchild of lead guitarist Ollie Roberts. Together with vocalist Theresa Smith, the pair developed the first songs that would later make up their debut EP, followed by the release of their first album ‘The Human Encryption’ in 2015.

The dual vocalist dynamic of Theresa Smith and Joey Draper add an exciting contrast and edge, mixing it up with high soaring clean melodies, beautiful blended harmonies and raging aggressive growls. Add to this crushing modern metal riffing, blazing melodic solos and thunderous basslines with prog infused drumming and you get the energetic and compelling sound that is METAPRISM.

Here’s the latest From the Melodic Sextet Metaprism ‘Unleash The Fire’.

In 2015, supporting the release of their debut album, ‘The Human Encryption’, METAPRISM made an unforgettable appearance at Europe’s largest metal festival ‘Wacken Open Air’, with their single ‘Reload’ being featured on Wacken’s 25th anniversary ‘Live at Wacken 2015’ Blu-Ray/DVD/CD. As well as Wacken, the band took the UK’s ‘Bloodstock Open Air’ festival by storm for the second year running, carving a lasting impression onto the metal scene. Throughout their short career, METAPRISM have played/toured with the likes of Iced Earth, Xandria, Leaves Eyes, Sacred Mother Tongue, Temperance and Evil Scarecrow.

Metaprism released their powerful track ‘Catharisis’.

2018 will see the dawn of a new age with the release of their second album, ‘Catalyst to Awakening’. The band take their unique brand of uplifting, catchy melodies that collides with pure anger and cathartic aggression to create a unique twin vocal attack, to a whole new level. From the first punch in riffs of ‘Codex Regius’, the super catchy choruses of tracks such as ‘Carve the Stone’ and ‘Unleash the Fire’ to the outright heavy thrash riffing aggression of ‘Unanimous’, this album has something for a vast majority of metal heads to enjoy.

Already along with many positive reviews of the album, in promotion of the release the band has been on a successful tour supporting Iced Earth on their January European dates throughout Germany and Switzerland.’

Let’s see what Theresa Smith and Joey Draper has to say about Vocalzone!

“We use Vocalzone every time we play, record or even just to give our throats a wake up call. We always take a healthy supply with us on tour and the new Vocalzone tea is super soothing before or after a show. We’d be lost without them!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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