Matthew Fletcher


From pavements to Venues! Here’s Matthew Fletcher

Matthew is of the young age of 23, originally from Bradford. Started busking at the age of 16 when he met a guitarist in Halifax and spoke to him about not having any money to get home, he then sang whilst he played to earn enough money to travel home and then they became a duo busking every day and doing gigs up and down the country.

Matthew performing a cover of “Dont Worry Child

Mathew saw his calling and started doing solo work at the age of 20 and taught himself how to play guitar, he then moved to Manchester last year for better opportunities and have been gigging at numerous venues and events in England and have also been busking in various cities . he plays anything from pop covers with a mix of classic well known songs like Wonderwall by Oasis and Skyfall by Adele.

Matt doing an incredible cover of Ed Sheerans “You Need Me, I Dont Need You”

Lets see what Matthew Fletcher has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I have used vocalzone since I first started singing 5 years ago as I found no other throat pastilles to work and they were the best I’d ever tried. I now purchase them at least every month and they help me a lot as I gig and busk numerous times a week which leads to my throat being sore.”

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Written by Vocalzone