Matt Black


We’ve been working with Matt for a while now, and hopefully for much time to come!

Born in 86, and performing live from the age of 16; Matt is primarily a vocalist but also plays guitar, bass, drums, piano & harmonica. He is also endorsed by not only us, but Vintage Guitars as well.

Matt is the original vocalist of world renowned dual tribute band, A Foreigner’s Journey which formed in 2008. Although he left for a short while in October 2009 to tour with various projects, Matt then returned to the band in August 2012.

Foreigner and Journey performances only account for a small proportion of Matt’s time however. He has his own Matt Black Band, performs solo acoustic shows, as well as fronting hard rock band Fahran.

His original music with Fahran received much acclaim, being aired on the likes of Planet Rock Radio, Kerrang! Radio, and many other stations around the world, not to mention music video play on Scuzz TV.

Check out  ‘A Thousand Nights’ below

Matt Black also promotes & runs other events such as Redemption Festival via Target 86 Media as well as being the co-owner of True Redemption Clothing accessories, you can check that out here!

Previous bands/projects also include Stagefright, Invisible Idols, Serpentine and Oskura (featuring Zal Cleminson).

Matt has toured relentlessly all over the UK & appeared at events in Rhodes, Spain & Germany from small crowds in excess of thousands of people. Festival appearances include Firefest (UK), Rhodes Rock (Greece), Hard Rock Hell (UK), Stormin’ The Castle (UK), H.E.A.T Festival (Germany), Rockfest (Spain) to name a few.

And if you’d like to hear more of Matt’s music, follow his band below!


Written by Vocalzone