Mara Lisenko


Wherever its clean vocals, beat boxing or screaming, Mara Lisenko masters all!

Mara Lisenko is Latvian singer, performing in alternative, rock and metal genres.

wherever it being the experimental acoustic/alternative duo Karmafree or the brutality from the blackend death symphonic metal band Ocularis Infernum Mara can do it all!

Her band Ocularis Infernum have just released a new video for ‘Confession Of Defeat’ check it out below.

Mara is very versatile singer (as seen in both music videos), using not only different clean singing techniques and stylistics, but also various extreme vocal techniques, beatbox and vocal live looping. She’s singing in bands since 2003 performing all across Europe at many festivals with various bands but her singing path started at the early age of 3 because her mother was a choir leader.

Being experimental in nature, Mara shows how to do Vocal live looping dubbed ‘Side Effect’ 

Mara has studied vocals in London’s Vocaltech (Thames Valley University) in 2007 and also with world known rock/metal vocal coach Melissa Cross or more commonly known as ‘The Scream Queen’ in 2015.

having had the urge to teach herself since 2011 she is also a vocal coach, teaching singing in multiple genres including pop, rock and metal in which herself masters to perfection.

With a exciting debut from her new band MARA released ‘Sell Your Soul’!

Let’s see what Mara Lisenko has to say about Vocalzone! 

“Singing in many challenging techniques puts a lot of workload on my voice. I do experiment with my voice a lot and Vocalzone helps me to carry out these experiments more safely. I give time to rest and use Vocalzone to help my voice to recover and it has helped me immensely when I had to perform while being ill. A true lifesaver!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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