Malum Sky


Malum Sky are an eclectic and anthemic progressive metal 5 piece based in Cardiff, Wales UK.

Formed in 2014, Malum Sky bring together a broad range of influences and hone them into hard hitting and uplifting mini-masterpieces. Virtuoso guitar work and song structures combined with hard hitting rhythmic hooks are topped off by emotive and intense vocal delivery. The songs are enhanced further by a high energy live show delivered with a passion and precision befitting a band working in the ‘progressive’ genre.

Find out yourself in their latest music video ‘Burrower’ below!

Malum Sky’s self titled debut EP was released to critical acclaim in 2015, and after earning their stripes in the grassroots music scene, the band emerged triumphant on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2017. Now completing work on their new album scheduled for release in Autumn 2018, Malum Sky are poised to take their unique brand of progressive metal to the next level.

Check out the lyric video ‘Diatribe’ from the mini album of the same name below!

“A band that made a lot of new friends are Welsh prog metallers Malum Sky who also packed out the tent, taking the opportunity to school the crowd in how to do a “Hell Yeah!” properly… Their blend of beauty and darkness really hit the spot with the Bloodstock faithful.”  – (2017)

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“Vocalzone is an integral part of my voice care routine! It’s been my long serving friend and a life line when the going gets tough on the road. It’s with me for everything: studio, live, and press. Essential!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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