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from as early as I can remember I’ve always loved music and being an entertainer.

Seeing my passion for music my mother who is still my biggest fan to this day decided to try me at an opera singing group but I really didn’t like it, It wasn’t my thing. She then found a music group called EYK (Expression of the young kind) a group of young people put together by a man named Michael William (3j) a family friend and top vocal coach for youngsters. We would practise twice a week sometimes more, in my home town Cardiff, singing covers of our favourite songs and perform them in and around wales at various events. I was about 10 when I started and at 14 I developed enough to start writing my own material, it was something I always wanted to be able to do. My first ever song was called HARD LIFE.

A few friends I knew told me about a place I could go and record my music called grassroots with a guy called mike whose still part of the youth based studio to this day. From the first proper tune I made there (G FUNK) I just knew this was something I’m actually good at and wanted to take further. When I was 16 just leaving school and going into college I became more independent and started venturing out of my area mingling with new people and chilling with new friends. I started hustling and getting up to no good, I was very easily influenced yute and wanted things I couldn’t get without making a bit of change. So I did. My nickname was T-zer back then and I was part of a group called MCD and EOM. A little while after this I also got involved with FLOWDEM. We were young and having fun these times and I made some close friends in the process. Signing was still more of my passion and decided to work more on it in my own time. I would find beats on YouTube and write all types of different songs.

Here is Lucas J Rowe appearing alongside fellow Cardiff artist Reuel Elijah in their track ‘Don’t Go’. Check out the lyric video below!

At 18 I had my first child and recording music came to a holt I had to grow up quick to take on responsibility which for someone at that age with the talent I had is a huge step to take, but I did.  I worked fulltime and was home the rest of the time trying to do best by my kids and partner at the time. Life came first and music took a huge back fall which really got me down. I still would use music as a way of expression, I didn’t stop completely. Whatever I was feeling during this time I would write it down and make songs out of it, humming to myself little melodies then recording voice notes and video on my phone. I couldn’t help it. I even did it in between answering calls at SKY call centre that I worked at. I never gave up. From there I went on to have another child and suffered with bad anxiety and paranoia due to smoking cannabis and things going on in my life at the time. I suffered quit bad with it. It took a big impact on a lot of aspects of my life, one of them being my confidence. I reached out for help and guidance through my parents and friends, and without them I would have lost all faith in myself. By the age of 25 I was ready to take things to another level. A few life choices and changes meant that I was back to normal mentally and had enough time on my hands to try and really make a go of chasing my dreams singer/songwriter & performer, so I did. I made social network accounts. I jumped back into the swing of being in studio regularly. I had friends who had a HD camera and another who did videography which worked well for Promo. I utilised the 3 and started realising my music to the world via music videos on youtube and audio via sound cloud.  The response I got really gave me the fuel to the fire that I lost over the years that I needed to pursue my career again in full effect.

Here is ‘Grind Like Me’ which also features J Dotty.

Since then over the past 3 year I’ve built my portfolio as an artist. I’ve had multiple tunes played via BBC radio wales and even came top 5 for capital extras Xmas no.1 competition with Jay London. The only Welshman to do so. I have been fortunate to have met and networked with some respected figures in the music industry which has benefited me getting on some shows and events I could only dream of when I was younger. I’ve performed all over wales and south of the uk at events such as: KokoLondon, The hip hop Chip shop, The Big Chees, End Game, The Millennium Centre. The Big Weekend, Colour clash festival, Inside out Festival, Butetown carnival, Tramshed, Ely festival, Nambucca London, BBQ Jam, The Vaults, and many more. Iv also performed at over 30 night club events and supported som top artists in the game such as Westrn, Not3s, BYoung, Dj Ironik, DonE, KKoke, Gabriel, Jay Silva, DJ Luck, MC Neat, So Solid crew, Mc Bushkin and more. My most recent achievement was supporting host at the Motor point arena for Sean Paul alongside my good friend DJ Mista Bibs. The Journey Continues….

Let’s see what Lucas J Rowe had to say about Vocalzone!

“I was introduced to Vocalzones for the first time by a friend Josh Fredrick who is currently in a band called Who Saves The Hero”. In this situation he was the hero that saved me!”

“I had been ill and feeling very crocky and bungy before practice, I thought it wasn’t going to budge but it actually really started to clear up my airways after just one tablet with a bit of water.  I’ve used them ever since. Before performances and when im feeling a bit crockey. I highly recommend Vocalzones to all my singer friends in the industry, they work a treat!”

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Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ