Crashing through the roof and into your faces… We bring you Kingpin.

Kingpin is a crossover thrash / hardcore band from Glasgow in Scotland. The band consists of Lev (vocals) Neevo (guitar) Gary (bass) and Den (drums).

They first hit the scene in 2012 playing venues far and wide, before releasing their debut EP “They Serve Themselves” on 7″ vinyl via Demons Run Amok in 2014.

Check out their sick live set at The Attic in Glasgow!!

Being influenced by awesome bands such as Crowbar, Sepultura and Suicidal Tendencies, Kingpin deliver a mix of neck-snapping thrash riffs and skull-crushing hardcore breakdowns. Despite their aggressive style, these are guys with big hearts who are no strangers to a good cause, donating all funds from purchases of their second EP “TRUTH” (released via BandCamp) to the UN Refugee Agency.

For those who enjoy raw, energetic, aggressive music here’s Kingpin’s latest bone-snapping record, “The Vultures”, in full!

The band have been rocking stages up and down the UK and Ireland, with several stops across Europe as well, for just over 3 years now. In that time, Kingpin have racked up shows alongside such notable international touring acts as Sick Of It All, Sacred Reich, Iron Reagan, Power Trip, Madball, Ghoul, Sheer Terror, Negative Approach, Bane, Code Orange, Exhumed, M.O.D., Toxic Holocaust, Twitching Tongues and many more, and with just releasing ” The Vultures Circle” Kingpin promises to keep on their rampage with no signs of stopping!

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