King Leviathan


Brighton based blackened thrash metal band, fronted by Adam Sedgwick.

Adam began his career as a vocalist performing in musicals during his childhood. After being introduced to the likes of Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin from an early age by his mum, his teen years moved to performing in heavy metal bands.

Now, Adam is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Brighton based Blackened Thrash band King Leviathan, whom since their formation in 2014 have performed at Mammothfest 2014, 2015 and 2016, Bloodstock Open Air 2015, Thrashersaurus Metal Festival, The Night Before Uprising festival and several others. King Leviathan have also toured with Abhorrent Decimation, Spartan, Oakhaart, Vulgate, Stone Circle and Wretched Soul. Since forming, they have released 2 EP’s, and have performed their ‘Black Masses’ at venues all across the UK.

Watch the video for the title track from their 2nd EP, ‘The Shrine’ below.

Sedgwick told us:

“Since using Vocalzones after our first EP, I’ve not stopped using them and my voice has felt so much better for it! Throughout every tour, gig and festival King Leviathan has performed at I’ve always had my Vocalzones with me to give my voice the extra support it needs, and I wouldn’t be without them!”

Check out this live performance from 2016 at Thrashersaurus.

Currently, King Leviathan are in the final stages of preparing to release their debut album, and are currently booking shows and tours across the UK and Europe in support of the release. We can’t wait to see what brutal new material Adam and the guys will offer up next, if you can’t either, check out their social media and give them a follow!

Written by Vocalzone