Kim Wheeler


Telling stories about his own life experiences, Kim puts an emotional and soulful spin on his acoustic performances.

Kim Wheeler is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Glasgow. His style of music takes an original twist on classic soul and modern chart music. As well as his large repertoire of covers, Kim’s writes music that tells stories inspired by his own life experiences.

To get an idea of what Kim wheeler is all about have a listen to Kim Wheeler’s track ‘Grandfather Time‘ below

Just back from his independent world trip and ready to undergo a European tour with his musical collective Lazy Jams, Kim finds music at every opportunity and the style of his song writing and performance is constantly evolving and changing.

If you still don’t believe how talented Kim is here is his awesome song ‘Nothing

Kim is now a full-time, professional musician working with Scotland’s biggest restaurant and bar chains.

Lets see what Kim Wheeler has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I’m so thrilled that I sing for a living and that music is my job and my life. Unfortunately, the vocal strain of singing so much is noticeable. Vocalzone not only taste great but have really helped me in the past get through those three-hour performances and play a great set!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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