Jason Allan


Building a name for himself and impressing many with his voice is Jason Allan.

Jason Allan 20. Singer, Songwriter from Liverpool. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1997.

Since the age of eight he has had a passion for music and been obsessed with singing and showing off his talents, he joined the world famous Chesterfield Crooked Spire Church Choir at the age of eight and became the head chorister by the age of ten. In his eight years there he would sing in the Treble, Alto and Tenor section of the choir, acceding in each. Shortly after leaving, (aged 16) he moved to Liverpool and began focusing his efforts on his solo career; self-teaching himself to play the guitar and spending his days busking and songwriting at night.

 He became very popular with the locals and accumulated a respectable following around the Merseyside and Manchester area which allowed him to start playing small gigs in the area and also try out some of the local open mics where he would get some great receptions.

To see why Jason Allan has such a loyal fan base you just have to listen to his cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’.

He began getting recognized by other musicians around the UK through his cover videos online and was offered many support slots on tours and gigs where he continued to grow his fan base and showcase his original music, supporting artists such as Luke Friend, Bailey McConnell, Jamie Miller and most recently, up and coming band “The Hara”

Although he can be heard performing his original music at concerts, Jason is yet to officially release anything as of yet, he has spent the better part of a year collaborating with up and coming band Kovic and also working on new material with the same producers as Lana del Rey. He is currently in the process of shooting music videos for his originals “Scars”, “Refrain” “If I could” and others in the coming months which will be available on all major platforms by 2018.

Another great cover from Jason is his own version of Tom Odells hit song ‘Another Love’.

He continues to travel up and down the country doing what he loves. Collaborating with aspirational young musicians like himself; busking, gigging and songwriting wherever he goes.

Let’s see what Jason Allan has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Vocalzone have helped my voice in a lot of difficult circumstances”

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Written by Dan Manley

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