Hamerex are a heavy metal band founded in 2004 by vocalist and guitarist Steve Blower. The band also consists of guitarist Andy Firth, bassist Marc Hood, and drummer Sharif Diz Dyson.

They began as being heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, though with new band members that came in through the years, more and more influences became more apparent within the bands music, going from a very New Wave of British Heavy Metal style band and becoming more varied with Thrash and Doom styles coming through.

See how they merge these in their lyric video for ‘Eyes Of Deceit’

The band’s first album ‘Rites of Passage’ was released on 27th February 2012 and gained some critical success from reviewers, but Hamerex was quick to begin work on their follow-up after numerous issues with the recording process and release schedule, and released ‘IX’  on 7th October 2013, gaining a large amount of critical success as well as a large amount of airplay. The gigs that followed the album’s release were successful as the band geared towards their 10 year anniversary in 2014. After the departure of the band’s previous frontman, Steve took over as the band released ‘The Last Ride’ EP on 16th March 2015, gaining more praise from the change in vocalist as Steve’s vocal style was more suited to the songs, old and new. Following the EP’s release, the band sat down and wrote together for the first time and released the ‘Traitor’ album on 7th October 2016, with Marc Hood joining the band shortly after recording sessions were completed earlier that year. The album gained critical success once again, with Diz joining the band the month after its release.

‘Journey’s End’, the first single from the third Hamerex album, Traitor. Based on the Hindenburg Airship disaster. watch the music video below.

Although the band had played numerous gigs throughout the years, having supported the likes of Funeral For A Friend, PowerQuest and O/D Saxon, the undertaking of The Dark Tour in 2017 in support of Traitor was probably their most ambitious tour as they travelled around the UK with a reformed line-up and a new energy. 2018 sees the continuation of the Dark Tour, and the release of a new E.P. trilogy.

Let’s see what Hamerex has to say about Vocalzone!

“Both Steve and Marc began using Vocalzone pastilles in 2017 and noticed an improvement to their vocal performances during gigs on top of their regular vocal warm-ups prior to going on stage.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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