Greg Barnes


Independent in every sense of the word is Greg Barnes.

Greg Barnes started his solo career, at the beginning of 2016 as part of his commercial music degree at Platform One on the Isle Of Wight it was there where he really focused on songwriting and vocals and received a grade 8 in vocals. Prior to this he also started learning piano when he was 9 years old and got to grade 5 before focusing on guitar to which he is self taught.

From the EP Early Summer comes the track ‘Polaroids’.

Greg’s influences include Jack Johnson, Ben Howard, Frank Turner and The Kooks which inspired him to release his very own music. His first Ep was ‘Early Summer’ which was released in 2016 through his university and he has begun working on a new EP to be released this year which will be completely new and different from the first release.

Putting optimism in his music and a slight amount of humour in his video is ‘Early Summer’ from the EP of the same name.

Greg Barnes has had an amazing few years gigging across the UK and hoping to gain even more experiences, playing at more venues across the UK and even maybe abroad whilst trying to build a loyal fan base.

Let’s see what Greg Barnes has to say about Vocalzone! 

“I have used Vocalzone before and after every single gig since first learning about the company at University when studying my degree in Commercial Music. I am a passionate musician and feel that Vocalzone is the main tool to myself as a musician and has helped me to progress to the musician I am today.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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