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Out from the pub doors to the world’s George Gadd

George Gadd‘s musical career began when he was given an acoustic guitar at the age of 16. He started learning covers and writing the occasional song of his own and before long, he was playing to small crowds in pubs and getting kicked out at 9pm because he was under 18.

Just a little sample of what George Gadd is all about in the song ‘Runaway

“Cool tunes!” – Frank Turner

Through the years, George played his way through a series of pub gigs, open mic nights and parties, establishing a name for himself in the Nottingham and Birmingham areas. He began playing bigger shows and picking up support slots, and to date has played alongside the likes of The Front Bottoms, Kevin Devine, and The Xcerts. His success has led him to playing shows and festivals all over the UK, in Europe, and America.

Anyone that has seen or met George before will know of his amicable disposition, and as such, he frequently collaborates with other musicians. He has worked with artists across the UK and America including Yellowbirddd, Emma Crowder and Thomas Jefferson Aeroplane. Through collaboration and inspiration, George has developed and refined his sound into what it is today.

sit back and listen to the beautiful song ‘Sweet Tea‘ below!

George’s latest EP Better Shape was recorded over the course of a week in the Derbyshire countryside and explores the idea of self-improvement through reflection, optimism, and the support of friends. Mirroring the themes of the music, this EP saw a slight departure from George’s previous work as a solo singer-songwriter and instead incorporates a full band. This gave him the freedom to explore different sounds and the opportunity to perform these songs live in a way that truly does them justice.

Lets see what George Gadd has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Last year, I was touring relentlessly (alongside drinking alcohol and coffee which certainly didn’t help). At a stop in Cardiff, I searched frantically for some Vocalzone and managed to find some. I felt like a brand new person altogether and my voice came back as if by a miracle.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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