Gavin Thomas


Being involved in music for most of his life, Gavin Thomas has definitely become a noteworthy musician.

Gavin has always sung. He started in choirs as a keen pre-teen alto, growing to discover the world of rock & roll when given his first guitar at the age of 12. He experimented with different bands whilst at school, and at 18 he took his guitar and sung his way around Europe, building a repertoire of songs and creating the early foundations of what would become his one-man show in years to come. In 1987 he collaborated with songwriters Kyd Douglas and Richard Askew with the band Phone The Pope.

here is Gavin with his guitar playing ‘The Game’ below

The following two years of London-staged gigs led to interest from a number of record labels, but the excitement was short lived, and the project dis-banded in 1989. In the same year Gavin, with his partners Askew and Douglas, opened the first Beavers Bar in Woking, Surrey.

he venue rapidly became a renowned and lively music bar, and the boys opened a second in Guildford in 1997. Gavin performed his one-man show weekly at both venues, and the Guildford bar was home to Guildford’s first full-time Open Mic Night, hosted by Gavin from 1997. After 12 years of running the business and providing the entertainment, the partners decided to follow separate dreams and the doors closed in 2001.

Gavin Thomas live in Stoke Park. Guilfest playing ‘Smallest Coin

In that same year Gavin decided to concentrate on his work as a professional musician, and kick-started his Gavin And His Guitar acoustic requests nights in various pubs and bars in and around Guildford. In 2002 he joined the cast of the award-winning rock/country show Forever In Blue Jeans and enjoyed a fantastic two years touring the UK and Europe with this production.

Gavin was also one third of the hugely successful though short-lived acoustic trio The Goldrush, a three-part harmony trio based in the Surrey Hills south of Guildford. Gavin is now an equity card holder and full-time professional actor and musician, performing his one-man show Gavin And His Guitar regularly in and around the South East of the UK.

Lets see what Gavin Thomas has to say about Vocalzone!

“I have been using Vocalzone pastilles for over twenty years, and they are an integral part of my gigging equipment. If I don’t have one in my mouth while I’m tuning up prior to a gig, then I worry that I’m not ready. Vocalzone is not part of a ritual – they have become the ritual themselves.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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