Forgotten Remains


Hailing from the midlands comes a new force…

Forgotten Remains is a Thrash/Death metal band that have engraved themselves in the underground metal scene and have spread their influence across all the UK by playing at prestigous festivals such as Bloodstock and supporting more established bands like Cradle of Filth!

The Band released their latest EP with producer Russ Russell who has worked with Napalm Death, The Haunted and Dimmu Borgir. They have a debut album booked in for recording later on this year.

Forgotten Remains have been planning are going on tour extensively in the U.K. And beyond into mainland Europe in 2018 to promote the new album which shall be indeed a proud edition in the metal archives.

What did Sam Marshall have to say about Vocalzone!

Since being introduced to Vocalzone at Bloodstock 2015 it has become part of my pre-show warm-up routine. It has really helped me maintain my voice through long runs of shows. During recording, I find it essential to have at least a pack of throat pastels on me for every day I am in the studio. I could not see myself without Vocalzone now. 

Written by Vocalzone