Evaris has had a long road. Originally formed, after relocating to the UK from South Africa to pursue something more.

They were then approached by vocalist Niko Forster, which had found them online, looking for a vocalist. Having undergone a few line-up changes when some original members decided to call it a day, they had finally found additions Ricky Gurung on guitar (also in Highrise) and Robert Pipe on Bass. Some more time down the road, being let downagain by lack of commitment, some more changes had to be made which led to the most recent member, Pete Bill on drums.

From Their debut album ‘Vessels’ comes their single ‘Dimethyltryptamine’ or better known as ‘DMT’ Watch the music video below!

Evaris tries to blend low powerful tunings, giving a very full textured base for the songs, then layering guitars and vocals with some high catchy melodies, that you just can’t, and don’t want to get out of your head.
If you are a fan of band like Architects, Bring me the Horizon, Glass Jaw and Dance Gavin Dance, EVARIS will no doubt fit right in on your spotify playlists.

Having digitally self released a full length album under previous name (cute cute death), which was produced by Joseph Grouse and was mixed, mastered and co-produced by Justin Hill (Sikth), they are now working on releasing a new EP, and are currently recording the 1st single for this EP, due to release in the second quarter of 2018. This will again be with Justin Hill who has worked with Betraying The Martyrs, Heart Of A Coward, Polar and Bury Tomorrow among many others.

When they were still under the name of Cute Cute Death, Evaris released ‘Pockets’ via Blank TV. watch the video below!

With a fresh start and brand new tracks on the way, EVARIS are geared up for the start of some big things this year, with lots of shows and tour dates in the making.

Let’s see what Niko Foster has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone are a must have on tour, when playing back to back shows for a week… They help your voice recover and keep the airways clean, keeping you on point vocally to perform at your best. It gives you that 10% edge, bringing the fire you need to smash a show and keep your pitch as accurate as possible. They also give you that time out before a show to just take a minute, dissolve a sweet…think about your set and what songs are most of a challenge, then warm up your hardest songs / notes. So it creates a psych-up process of preparing yourself mentally and physically to go out and tear it up”

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Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ