Engraved Disillusion


Mixing multiple genres to make something totally unique is the melodic death metal master’s Engraved Disillusion.

Formed in March 2008 Metal quintet Engraved Disillusion hail from the South West of the UK, amalgamating into an exciting and formidable metal juggernaut. They never fail to impress and provide an impressive powerhouse of a show that is brimming with spine-tingling melodies, devastating riffs, poignant solos, powerful vocals and structural twists that leave the crowd wanting more.

Dont take our word for it! check it out yourself in ‘Embrace The Flames’ below.

Engraved Disillusion are a whirling powerhouse of formidable riffs and rousing, sensual solos that will manipulate the very texture of your soul. Layered with a rhythm section so tight and dynamic that it will change you life in ways that cannot be fathomed by the human psyche. This perfect blend of talent and intoxication is then topped with vocals that will strip paint from walls.

The metal juggernaut that is Engraved Disillusion had revealed details for their second album and follow up to 2011’s acclaimed ‘Embers Of Existence’.

Mixing Melody and Brutality in their lyric video for ‘Lost’.

“A sound that marries the sombre thud of Paradise Lost to the uplifting melodic surge of Killswitch Engage….new album The Eternal Rest offers a barrage of epic refrains and slamming riffs”

Metal Hammer Magazine October 2014

Entitled ‘The Eternal Rest’, the album was recorded at Thin Ice Studios with Karl Groom who has worked with artists such as Dragonforce and Threshold during the summer of 2014 and features 9 tracks of epic, diverse and at times unrelenting metal. The addition of new vocalist Matthew William Mead and bassist Aaron Preston has allowed the band to diversify and bring new elements to their sound, namely the inclusion of clean vocals with lyrical themes of life, death and sorrow.

Let’s see what Matthew William Mead has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone keeps my voice in the best shape so I can continue to scream in your face. It is an essential part of my touring routine, Never leave home without it”

Written by Dan Manley

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