Employed To Serve


With the evilest of riffs and a scream of a demon, Welcome Employed To Serve!

Employed To Serve are born out of a time where it felt like their generation had given up on their hopes and aspirations. The music is abrasive and unforgiving but the band have a continuing positive theme present in the lyrics throughout their releases, trying to better yourself instead of getting stuck in the groundhog day of a miserable, mundane existence. Employed To Serve is about striving to achieve with a belief that something good will come from our generation’s lifetime.

From their latest album called ‘The Warmth Of A Dying Sun‘ comes the chaos that it is “Void Ambition

After the release of their debut record ‘Greyer Than You Remember’, Employed To Serve have made it their mission to decimate every venue in the UK and Europe that lay in their wake. Famed for their relentless live charge, they have made appearances at Damnation Festival, Incubate Festival as well as touring with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, Heck, Black Peaks alongside their own headline tours.

The first single from their Debut Album “Greyer Then You Remember” below

2017 marks the release of Employed To Serve’s sophomore album ’The Warmth Of A Dying Sun’. Recorded at The Ranch Production House with producer Lewis Johns (Gnarwolves, Funeral For A Friend), this record was written with the intent of creating a heavier and darker album by a band who has established their sound and with that confidence, have created their strongest release yet. The band are inspired by artists such as Deftones, Will Haven and Botch.

Lets see what Justine has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Whether it’s just after I’ve woken up after a rough night on tour, or the inevitable tour sickness sets in I reach straight for the Vocalzone lozenges and tea…the rest of me feels terrible but I scream like an angel.”

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ