Ellie Keegan


Its our Pleasure to Introduce you too the multi-talented Ellie Keegan! 

Singer/songwriter Ellie Keegan, is from Nottingham, currently in her second year at LIPA in Liverpool. Following a busy summer, playing at several highly acclaimed festivals, such as Splendour, Y Not & Riverside Festival, Ellie is now focusing on releasing an E.P, that combines eclectic, soulful-indie tones, and raw lyrics and melodies, creating an interesting yet familiar sound for the audience to hook onto.

Listen to Ellie Keegan’s beautiful original song ‘Heat

Being backed by the likes of BBC Introducing, Ellie has been able to use these connections to help her begin to make her place in the music industry. BBC Radio Nottingham DJ, Dean Jackson selected Ellie to be featured in a BBC Introducing session in 2015 which reached over 40,000 views. Since then, Ellie has played many festivals stages for BBC introducing, including The Quarry stage at Y Not Festival, and the Brewdog stage at Hockley Hustle.

Listen to Ellie Keegan’s awesome cover of John Legend’sAll Of Me’ below

During her live shows’ she uses a loop pedal and stomp box, allowing her to captivate even the largest of audiences, leaving them silenced. Having formed a backing band in September, Ellie is currently reworking her previous songs, re-imagining them with a band, and writing new songs with this new sound in mind, creating two very different dynamic line-ups, whilst keeping herself in the forefront of the sound.

Lets see what Ellie Keegan has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Having been studying vocals at university, and being a performing musician full time, my voice has had times where it’s been strained and tired. Having struggled with a sore throat on and off all year, I found that Vocalzone lozenges helped soothe my throat and removed any irritation. During one performance I needed to take Vocalzone, as my throat felt very strained, and it offered relief very quickly, and allowed me to carry on the performance without pain or putting more strain on my voice.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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