‘Downcast’ is a three-piece emo/pop-punk band from South Wales/Bristol, consisting of Liam Edwards (vocals), Ben Lucas (guitar and vocals) and Chris Ward (guitar).

They are due to release their debut self-titled EP on 11/01/19. Earlier this year, they recorded a 5-track EP with Ian Sadler at Emeliene Studios. The first single ‘anthurium’ is available now on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and all other major platforms. They will be releasing the second single ‘i’m sorry’ on 30/01/18 at 5 PM via New Noise Magazine.

Whilst waiting for the debut EP. Why not check out Downcast’s latest music video for ‘I’m Sorry’.

“A throatier vocal delivery and lyrics with just the right amount of detail set Downcast apart from their contemporaries.” – Punktastic.

They take influence from bands such as The Wonder Years, Roam and Alkaline Trio to create an impressive blend of new wave and old school pop-punk. Their lyrics focus mainly around the topics of relationships and mental health, which are projected through raw, heartfelt vocals. Although ‘downcast’ have not been around for very long, they have already been received positively by their audience, and they are slowly starting to build a fanbase from the bottom up.

Let’s see what Liam Edwards has to about Vocalzone!

Vocalzone, accompanied by some vocal warm ups, is essential before any practice or live show. They’ve really helped me to take care of my voice on tours. Having a wide range of difference products and flavours available, Vocalzone can be enjoyed by almost anybody.

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Written by Dan Manley

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