Double Or Nothing


Double Or Nothing are a female fronted covers band from South Wales.

Formed originally in 2016, Double Or Nothing are moving from strength to strength.

The band consists of strong lead vocals of Kate, some smooth grooves from Mike on bass guitar and backing vocals, amazing guitar solos from Steve on lead guitar and backing vocals,  and Isaac banging away on the drums adding the epic beats. All band members have been in other bands ranging from an 11 piece soul band to an originals alternative rock band, so have some great musical experience behind them.

Double Or Nothing’s repertoire consists of rock, pop, funk and soul part hits which includes songs form well know artists from the likes of T Rex, Bon Jovi and Queen, to Britney, Tina Turner and Dolly Parton. Covering music from the 60’s to the modern day, their set is varied to have something for everyone and guaranteed to get you singing and dancing along!

Just a short clip of what to expect from Double Or Nothing.

Having such a wide-ranging set lists gives a variety of the types of songs they can perform, and means they can cover the musical tastes of a mixed age range. They have been working to a tireless gigging schedule (in excess of 100 gigs in 2017 plus all band member holding down full time jobs too!) to spread their name and gain a following.


They were nominated for “Best Band” in the local Jack Swan Awards in 2017 in their home town and we’re even approached to be the house band for a very well known celebrity programme down under… just a shame they were based in the wrong “South Wales”. Double Or Nothing has gained some great support from the pubs, clubs and hotels that they perform at and are now becoming a firm favourite at the venues, with some venues booking almost a year in advance!

The band are incredibly hard working, and ensure they give an upbeat, lively and enthusiastic performances wherever they play.”

Let’s see what Kate Thomas has to say about Vocalzone!

“They have helped me in my band career incredibly and I would be so lost without them.”

Written by Dan Manley

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