Dirty Thrills


Dirty Thrills, an exciting and charismatic bluesy-rock quartet, straight out of the London grind.

2013 saw the rise of Dirty Thrills, with the massive buzz from their debut EP, entitled ‘Growing Young’, which already showcased to the world what these youthful, but vastly experienced musicians, could offer when given the opportunity.

In 2014, the quartet released their self-titled debut album, which surpassed the expectations of fans across the UK, Europe and the US alike, exploding the band’s online presence and generating a tremendous amount of hype which inevitably propelled Dirty Thrills in the direction they were steadily making inroads towards. Having already plied their trade in such venues as London’s 100 Club, the main stage at O2 Academy Liverpool and Shepherd’s Bush Empire, as well as having been given airtime on BBC Radio 2, the sky really is the limit for this earnest group.

Performing ‘No Resolve’ in where they perfectly mend rock and blues together for a perfect track!

2015 saw a number of highlights for the band, playing a number of large UK festivals alongside iconic bands ‘Status Quo’ and ‘The Blockheads’, as well as being personally invited by legendary band ‘Europe’ to support them on their European ‘War of Kings’ tour.

The EP ‘Sweetheart Of The Slums’ was also released, with positive reviews from tracks ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Feeling’, that featured in the popular magazines ‘Classic Rock Magazine’ and ‘Blues Magazine’. Dirty Thrills are already turning heads, and showing the world what swagger is really about. 

 2016 proved an invaluable year, with the London boys releasing their first acoustic EP ‘Devils Wine’, which featuring new and old songs, recorded in an atmospheric, stripped down take on their own signature sound.
They also embarked on their much anticipated headline tours of Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, ever increasing their reputation as a ‘must-see’ live act.

Showing their versatility when they made their acoustic EP ‘Devils Wine’ they made this great video for ‘Lonely Soul’ which can be viewed below.

With the release of their new album ‘Heavy Living’ (2017), and the support of Frontiers music behind them, they are quickly garnering fans throughout Europe and across the pond, expanding the band’s presence and reputation further still.

Let’s see what Louis James had to say about Vocalzone!

“While touring with Dirty thrills we usually hit it pretty hard playing tours as long as 3-4 weeks with no breaks! Towards the end of these long tours I will almost certainly turn to Voxalzone to ease my way through the final few shows.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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