Like their name would suggest Diabolus are here to bring only the heaviest music from the depths!

Diabolus are a five piece band based in Hampshire, UK. Since their inception, the band have set about blending several genres and influences to create an eviscerating and exonerating culmination of metal, hardcore, tech death and black metal.

Having released their latest EP ‘Feast’ via American distribution company, Chugcore, and cementing their mark on the UK metal scene, the band have played shows spanning the country.

Proving their loyalty, here’s ‘Servant Of The Devil’

Having shared the stage with the likes of Loathe, Black Tongue, Devilment, Oceans Ate Alaska, Martyr Defiled, She Must Burn and more, Diabolus are also breaking into the festival circuit having confirmed dates for 2017, with Fall In The Brawl 2 in November and other unannounced festival appearances scheduled in for 2018.

The band have, so far, released 2 studio records in 2015 release ‘Wasted Air’ and, prior mentioned, ‘Feast’ which was released in December 2016 via Chugcore. The latter also hosted two music videos for the singles ‘Servant Of The Devil’ and ‘Cannibal Of Siberia’ which are both available exclusively on the Chugcore YouTube channel.

Check out the gut churning video for the killer track ‘Cannibal Of Siberia’ below

Forming in 2014, the band have undergone multiple lineup changes since their debut record ‘Wasted Air’. The current lineup have been active since mid-2017 with Dave being the most recent member addition and Jordan joining a few months prior. The pair joined Adam, Miles and Luke as full time members after a few months of filling in, solidifying the band’s tightest lineup yet. This current embodiment of the band are in the process of writing and recording a brand new EP set for release in 2018.

Next year will see Diabolus continue to tour the UK extensively, with a busier schedule than any of the previous years of being an active band. With new tracks, a new live setup and new cities, 2018 will be the biggest and busiest year for Diabolus to date.

Lets see what Diabolus has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone is great before any show, it definitely helps alongside a good warm up and keeps your voice strong while on tour especially, as your voice tires easier.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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