Death By Ki


This thrash band from Somerset is ready to take the world by storm!

After forming in 2010 by Josh Ayerst, Nick Cope, Drew Armstrong and Will Robins from the ashes of a thrash band under the name of Peristalsis, Death By Ki released their first self-recorded EP ‘From The Primordial Waters‘ and got straight out playing shows, building a local fan base and making a name which led to securing a chance to support The Gallows.

Check Out their latest Video for their new single “More Then Grey

 ‘Neck-thickening grooves played with giant, hairy balls

Metal Hammer

  ‘Death By Ki sound like Metallica, Testament and Stone Sour having a right old ding dong in a backstreet boozer!

The second Ep ‘The Right Of Might’ was released in 2013 and was recorded by Jeff Rose, former guitarist of Dub War and Skindred and engineer for albums by Bullet For My Valentine among others. This EP featured new guitarist Chris Chamberlain after Drew left to concentrate on other projects. The next few years consisted of playing shows across the south of England including notable support slots for the likes of Revoker, Evile and Australian band Be’Lakor before releasing a one-off song ‘Weight Of The World‘ accompanied by a video.

Watch the video below!

In 2015 Drew returned to replace Chris and the band got straight to working on new material and reunited with Jeff Rose to record ‘Beyond Scorched Skies’. The Ep was released in May 2017.

Heres What Josh Ayerst had to say about Vocalzone:

“ I have always suffered greatly with my throat following gigs and recording sessions due to the extreme nature of our music, vocally. But since discovering Vocalzone and combining it with my vocal warm ups my voice is a lot happier and more comfortable during and after an intense round of screaming! ”

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Written by Vocalzone