Cybernetic Witch Cult


From the depths of space and time come a band called Cybernetic Witch Cult!

Cybernetic Witch Cult are a UK based, psychedelic/stoner metal power-trio who take their influences from doom metal, 70s rock, stoner rock, prog rock and science fiction B movies. A serious band with a fun outlook on music, the lyrics tell stories of invasions, time travel, space and cult horror.

Don’t take my word for it! have a look at the bands brand new sci-fi epic “Sagittarius A

Since the inception of the band releasing “Morlock Rock”  they have become iconic in their scene for their use of a fully integrated video show that complements the theme and image of the band as demonstrated at Bloodstock Festival last year!!

The band has now produced their third albulm called “Troglodithic Trip” and dont plan to stop there.

Check out their other latest single “Cult Of The Druid

What does Alex Wylad have to say about Vocazlone?

“I’ve used Vocalzone as long as I’ve been in bands, to get the edge for recording or gigs, but in the last year, Vocalzone has saved many of our shows.

Our first tour was in October of 2016, a 9 date consecutive tour around the UK, I’m a teacher, and this tour was booked for my half term (Friday – Sunday) I got ill on the day before the tour, and the first show had a poor stage monitoring sound so my voice and throat was torn to shreds. Without Vocalzone I couldn’t have survived the entire tour.”

Written by Vocalzone