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Claire McCartney is a vocalist and performer, having trained under well-known figures within the arts and music sphere in Northern Ireland.

Claire McCartney is a professional singer-songwriter/ actor & musician, performing & touring regularly in the U.K, Ireland and beyond. Claire is the front-woman of all female electro-pop act, ‘Vokxen’. She also performs as part of ‘The Unholy Gospel Band’ alongside Cormac Neeson of Irish rock band, ‘The Answer’, and has performed in numerous theatrical productions.

Mixing electronic and Pop, the single ‘Running’ show what Vokxen are all about!

Claire’s experience includes session vocals (in-studio & live show), songwriting, co-writing as well as performance in theatre, concerts, stage productions and radio plays. Previous Irish tours include a run of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ with Wireless Mystery Theatre (live on BBC Radio) as well as the newly written, sell-out musical, ‘The Jazzabelles’ with Belfast based company, Skinnybone Theatre.

Previous projects have seen Claire perform at Tennents Untapped at top Northern Irish Music Festival, Tennents Vital, BBC at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Stendhal Festival and live sessions with BBC Radio Ulster (Gerry Kelly Show).

Here is Vokxen performing ‘Dark Side’ for a live session which was recorded and filmed at Millbank Studios.

Claire, MA BA(Hons) ALCM, trained in music and drama at Queen’s University Belfast & achieved ALCM diploma from London College of Music in Music Theatre Performance. She is a member of the British Voice Association and listed as a vocal coach in ’The Unsigned Guide’ to the music industry (U.K) for new, up and coming artists. Her vocal students perform at concerts, festivals, recitals and gain exam qualifications with boards such as ABRSM and London College of Music.

Let’s see what Claire McCartney has to say about Vocalzone!

“I am a full-time professional vocalist (performing & teaching) using my voice for work every day of the week. Therefore, I’m aware of the importance of vocal health and rest. Vocalzone products are a ‘must have’ for those in my field.”

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