Receiving comparisons to everyone from The Streets to Arctic Monkeys is Citylightz!

Citylightz hit you with huge pop hooks, indie rock rhythms and classic lyrical storytelling. The third single release from the band sees them continue to grow from strength to strength, building a rabid following that has a hefty appetite for the hybrid of sounds that Citylightz are serving up.

From BBC Introducing Live comes ‘Elevator’ as they ascend to higher levels then ever before!

Following heavy support form BBC Introducing West Midlands and fresh from supporting Alabama 3 and The Lafontaines, not to mention racking up over 20,000 streams of their debut single “Don’t Know Me”, Citylightz latest release see them explore the tale of the sheer embodiment of anti-social behavior in “Tim”. This angsty, anthemic ruckus draws from the band’s wide influences from Oasis, Guns n Roses to Stormzy. From the tongue in cheek hip hop delivery to the roaring guitar solo and stadium rock crescendo.

Citylightz show no sign of slowing down as they will release their debut album, one track at a time for the next 12 months in order to continue to build momentum and unravel their debut to the world, one unique track at a time.

Listen to Citylightz debut single ‘Dont Me Know’ which is already shaping up to be an anthem in its on right!

Let’s see what Luke Henry has to say about Vocalzone!

“If you’re a real rockstar then your poppin’ pastilles! We’ve been using Vocalzone before shows and in the studio for months now and wouldn’t change it for the world! We’ve definitely seen a boost in rockstarness and straight up awesomeability! Get some Vocalzone and see what the fuss is about!”

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Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ