Chris Smee


Proven himself to be talented musician its no mystery why Chris Smee is going places.

A young singer/songwriter from Cheltenham, playing guitar for as long as anyone can remember Chris is a seasoned performer, gigging with bands either as lead guitar or bass, and as a solo artist, for many years. Even so, drums are arguably his best instrument, and he does most of his composing on piano.

Because he has already been playing a variety of instruments for so long, and because he plays regularly with some of the brightest musical talent in the area, Chris (20) incorporates many different styles into his songs. In addition, he works with young people, developing their skills and producing their music, and has found himself in such a creative environment that his ideas continually evolve to keep his performances fresh and different. In a scene where there is so much great music available, Chris has something different to offer, and a good voice with it.

From his album ‘Ability’ comes his fantastic nostalgic song ‘Late Nights’

Chris released a five track EP in 2015 and an album in 2016. These have brought him a devoted following of fans. He appears to have the knack of writing melodies that compel you to sing along too. He is now at the recording studio once more with some songs that include more new styles, but which will keep his followers happy and bring more newcomers to the fold.

Chris typically performs with just his acoustic guitar, but he has at times been supported by guitar and drums. He has also used a loop pedal to great effect. Soon he expects to experiment with backing tracks too, particularly as he brings in more styles to his set.

He is very pleased to have had the chance to perform in many locations around the country such as the Kensington Roof Gardens, the Genting Arena at the NEC, and Bolton Wanderers Football Club, and is keen to take further opportunities to play whenever he can.

Let’s see what Chris Smee has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I love using Vocalzone’s. They give me the confidence to go on stage and sing to my absolute best every time. I never set off to a show without having them in my guitar case!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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