Chris Clancy


Always at the front screaming his heart out is Chris Clancy

Chris’ journey all started when the band Mutiny Within were in need of a vocalist. After failing to find a suitable singer in the USA, they started to look elsewhere. Seeing a Youtube video of Chris recording vocals for his UK band With Intent, they asked him to come over and try out. Chris quit his job and left the UK to join the band and pursue his dream of being a vocalist.

From just listening to ‘Circles’ its no wonder why Chris was an obvious choice. see for yourself below!

He answered the call to join New Jersey metallers Mutiny Within. Signed to his childhood dream label: Roadrunner Records, widely regarded as the biggest and most powerful metal label in the world, touring with heavyweight metal names such as Soulfly, Soilwork, Death Angel, Arch Enemy, Periphery and even writing a song for WWE wrestler Evan Bourne, metal superstardom awaited. Yet for similarly ugly reasons, after two years Chris was forced to make the tough decision to head back home due to finaces.

Due to this painful process he and fellow musician Andy James (Sacred Mother tounge who also had to call it a day decided to polish of the blood and be proud of the pain it caused them..they then became Wearing Scars.

In all his and his band mate resilience Wearing Scars performed ‘Stand Alone’ .

Though pushing through with Wearing Scars Chris Clancy decided not to give up and to finish a few unreleased songs with his former companions in Mutiny Within to finish with what they started in ‘Origins’ which they released in February in 2017. Continually impressing audiences everywhere he goes showing electric live performances whever it be New Jersey metal heads Mutiny Within or the worn and torn Wearing Scars Chris shows that has no plans of ever stopping ..nor would we want him to!

Let’s see what Chris Clancy has to say about Vocalzone!

“I used Vocalzone throughout most of my time touring in the states but it was only while touring with Devil You Know I really found the benefit of them as I fell ill after only a few days and I credit Vocalzone with getting me through each show. “

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Written by Dan Manley

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