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Callum Howle is a British singer/lyricist from Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom. He is recognised as the lead vocalist of British Tech Metal band, Construct.

Since 2013, Callum has worked hard to perfect his craft and become a diverse vocalist with a voice to suit any genre.

Though his career is still budding, Callum has released a full long play record with Construct entitled ‘The Deity’, which has been featured in press outlets such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, New Noise Magazine, It Djents, Djent Worldwide TV, The Circle Pit, Noizze, Punktastic, Metal Temple and many more. He is currently working on more projects to fill his portfolio. He strives to blend his adaptable voice to various genres to achieve this.

On January the 1st, Construct released their new single’s music video for ‘Devil Inside’ via ItDjentsTV. Watch the music video below!

Callum is also a veteran performer who has toured the UK, sharing the stage with artists such as Black Peaks, As Lions, Obey, Warlord, Valis Ablaze, Griever and more fantastic acts. His stage show comes with unbridled energy and beaming confidence.

With Construct, Callum has achieved things he never thought possible. Their first single, ‘Reflection’, was premiered on New Noise Magazine’s website in January 2017 prior to their debut album’s appearance and this had a brilliant reaction, helping to form their initial fan base. It received 4,000 views within the first month and was also uploaded to Djent Worldwide TV shortly after, where it acquired 3,000 views in the first month it was uploaded. The amount of views, comments, likes, etc on both uploads still continues to grow. The track was also featured in the ‘New Noise’ CD of Metal Hammer comeback issue of February 2017.

Below is Construct’s debut music video for ‘Reflection’, taken from the album ‘The Deity’.

Construct released their debut album, ‘The Deity’, on February 4th 2017. It received a fantastic response from the public through various forms of praise including reviews, write ups, magazine features, social media reaction, etc. Though the popularity of this album is still steadily increasing, they are currently working hard on their next release. Callum is also working on different endeavours with new associates as a direct result of the album’s success. You can expect to see Callum branching out and working on more projects in the coming years!

Let’s see what Callum has to say about Vocalzone!

“They are a Godsend on tour and I don’t think I could cope without them. Not only are they brilliant for clearing your airways and keeping your throat healthy, they can be used as a preventative measure against vocal damage when you know you’re going to be using your voice a lot, to help you get through a nasty cold, to help soothe your voice after you’ve undergone excessive smoking, recover your speaking voice after a rowdy gig and so much more, which is absolutely amazing… and then there’s the tea! I want everybody to know that I fully approve of Vocalzone and why… Because they’re so much more than an aid for singers.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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