Calling Apollo


Calling Apollo are all about Aggression, melodic structures & ambience from Cardiff.

Calling Apollo, released their first record, “Hunter | Gatherer” with producer Romesh Dodangoda to rave reviews. The lead single, “Monsters”, was described by Alt Corner as “a song I can see a thousand fans screaming their lungs out to at the end of a show”.

Check out ‘Poison The Feed’ below!

They followed up with the first of a 2-part release, “The Great Depression: Act I”, with producer Todd Campbell. The record explored the political attitudes in 1920s USA and how they mirror today’s attitudes here in the UK. The lead single, “Clone City” broadcasted on Scuzz TV and when Alex Baker from Kerrang! Radio played the track on his radio show, he described the band as “Rousing, beautiful and just huge.” In February 2017, they released their follow-up single, The Wars.

Here is their music video for ‘Tiny Things’ below!

In the last 12 months, Calling Apollo have toured with Rory Indiana, Speaking in Italics and The Decoy. The band have now finished recording, “The Great Depression:Act II” and are aiming for a February 2018 release.

Let’s see what Christopher Neale has to say about Vocalzone!

“My Vocalzone routine has become a staple part of my gig preparation… it keeps my voice running at 100% all tour long! Thank you Vocalzone!”

Written by Dan Manley

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