Black Cat Bones


”If there was ever a single band to prove that hard rock is still alive and well, it’s Black Cat Bones” -Headbanger Reviews.

Formed in 2013, Black Cat Bones swiftly became one of the most exciting bands on the Liverpool music scene. Quickly filling headline shows with exciting live performances, the band’s debut EP soon followed. ‘False Promises & Wasted Time‘, was given rave reviews by notable colleagues such as The Answer, Paul Guerin from The Quireboys and Joe Elliot’s Down And Outs as well as Bumblefoot, formerly of Guns N Roses. As well as having played with The Quireboys, Warrior Soul and Tygers of Pan Tang in 2016, Black Cat Bones were busy on the festival circuit for the first time.

Black Cat Bones started 2017 touring with Marco Mendoza of The Dead Daises and Thin Lizzy, and supporting The Answer in February and March respectively.

“If you like your rock music served up with huge riffs, blazing guitar solos and plenty of rock ‘n’ roll swagger, then you’ll love these guys” –

“At the forefront of the Black Cat sound is the roaring rock vocals of Jonnie Hodson. Hodson’s vocals have the rasp of Axl Rose and the blistering heart of Paul Rodgers. When you put all these elements together Black Cat Bones stand out as one of the most exciting UK rock bands on the scene.”

Check out ‘The River‘, an awesome track from their new EP ‘Down To The River’ which is available now!

Frontman Jonnie Hodson told us:

” Black Cat Bones are gearing up for a tour of the UK in July so getting tight in the studio and busy writing songs, we’re looking forward to playing them at The Jac at a show case show. Can’t wait to play with Phill Rudd too I’m also busy performing regularly with The Head Hunters, my blues band, playing blues standards around the Liverpool Club Scene. I’m very happy at the moment, love writing and my blues outfit is cooking with gas! “


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Written by Vocalzone