An Australian pop-punk band that’s crashing into the scene.

Perth’s premier pop punk act, Homestate (Previously – Available At The Counter) continue making waves in their local scene with recent rebranding and release of their new single “Breathe”. Known for their electrifying performance and energy, Homestate are now focusing their efforts into a new record whilst maintaining their place in the hearts of Perth fans.

With previous releases under their belts and the good part of a decade performing together, Homestate are following up their debut full length ‘Hello Reality’ with a brand new album, more refined and harder hitting than anything you’ve heard from them before.

Watch the latest music video for ‘THE HARDEST PART OF LETTING GO’ below.

“High-energy and everything you would hope to hear from such a pun-worthy band name”

“The heart of this closeted Blink fan is fluttering.”

“A piece of pop punk genius”

“Just yes.”

No strangers to performance, the pop punk and alternative rock outfit from Perth Australia are putting their own take on an energetic genre that has long inspired generations. From Blink-182 to Yellowcard and State Champs to Neck Deep, frontman and head songwriter Chad Fraser has drawn from more than twenty years of pop punk and alternative music history in order to find the best mode of delivery for his profound and heartfelt lyrics that are bound to arouse all kinds of feelings. The new album titled ‘A World of Second Chances’, produced by Mark Flanders, is a record full of roaring anthems and super-hot melodies that are so catchy, even the initial demo’s had lucky listeners bopping their heads for days.

Homestate have just finished up their Australian album tour with a massive performance in their home base of Perth. As foretold by the gods of “pop punk” , ‘A World of Second Chances’ promises to transform their voyage together into becoming one of Australia’s finest up and comers, and grow their fan base exponentially both in locally and worldwide.

Listen to “NOT WHAT I ORDERED” below.

Here’s what Chad has to say about Vocalzone:

“As with any form of physical performance, it’s important to have various support structures in place to help you do your best and singing is no exception. Our high energy performance requires me to be at my peak without sacrificing vocals. Vocalzone keeps me clear and this is so important when you’re heavily relying on your breathing for both your vocals and physical output. I’ve tried a bunch of different things in the past but nothing has ever quite worked as well, Vocalzone still provides superior clarity and gives me confidence that my voice will hold up during performances. In a world of gimmicks and false advertising, Vocalzone delivers.”

Catch AATC live this July;

  • July 28th – Amplifier Bar (Perth, Australia) – The Mutiny Excursion Tour
  • July 29th – Princes of Wales Hotel (Bunbury, Australia) – The Mutiny Excursion Tour
  • July 31st – YMCA HQ (Perth, Australia) – Supporting Real Friends (USA)

Written by Vocalzone