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Arkdown are a metalcore band from Sheffield, UK. Formed in late 2015, the 5 piece band’s current line up consists of vocalist Kyle Dawson, drummer Alex Roberts, bassist Ed Morley and guitarists Mike Dyson and Ben Freestone. Taking influence from genre leaders like Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying and Bury Tomorrow the band has developed its own melodic but heavy riff based style. Straying from the typical clean vocal styles found commonly in metalcore, the band’s sound has developed down a heavier route, bordering on melodic deathcore in parts.

Check out their single ‘In Torment’ below!

“Super solid riffing. I am sitting in the RIFF DOJO!”

Ryan Reedy Music Studios.

After releasing their debut EP ‘Paths’, Arkdown played a host of shows across the UK during 2016 supporting big-named acts including Fit For An Autopsy and Martyr Defiled. The band recently released a music video for their standalone single ‘In Torment’ which was released digitally worldwide on 27th March. Arkdown have finished their 2017 tour  and have hit venues all over the UK before returning to their hometown to produce their 2017 follow-up EP.

Now with the brand new EP ‘The Calling’ which has already received critical acclaim from Magazines such as Metal Hammer and Review sites such as The RingMaster Review, Arkdown are proving to become a phenomenal force that show no sign of slowing down as they evolve evermore.

Taken from the Acclaimed EP, ‘The Calling’ comes the track that goes through you like a knife in the back. This is ‘Wake Up’.

Lets see what Kyle Dawson had to say about Vocalzone

“Being a metal vocalist puts a lot of strain on the voice but since using Vocalzone before and after our shows I’ve noticed a massive difference in not just my recovery but also in the actual performance itself. I’ll always use Vocalzone, especially on tour when the voice really does take a hammering.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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