Amie K


Amie K combines her love of poetry and the English language with her passion for music to create an ever changing sound.

Matching life’s tendency to never stay still, her lyrics and sound are ever evolving whilst maintaining her distinctive Indie Folk style.

Since starting to write in 2014, Amie K has since played regular gigs in her local area, playing in local festivals, pubs and venues as well as doing live performances and interviews for internet radio stations. Amie is also a regular busker in Bath, and regularly attends open mics in Bath and Bristol. In 2017 she took a break from formal education to focus on gigging and writing which resulted in numerous gigs at The Fleece in Bristol, The Komedia in Bath as well as festivals such as Calnefest and The Woodies Festival. She also released her debut EP ‘Colours’ in early 2016, and is currently due to release the follow up later in the year.

Amie K’s debut music video for ‘Fine’.

Drawing influence from her childhood musical soundtrack featuring Sting, Pat Metheny and Annie Lennox, and merging that with her current musical favourites, such as Half Moon Run, Kaleo and Maggie Rogers, she has a broad spectrum of influence which crosses genres and even includes poetry from the likes of W.B Yeats and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Performing live at The Queens Head is Amie K with ‘Clouds’.

Generally performing as a solo artist she has taken part in the annual Schtumm Jamboree held at Real World Studios and The Queens Head in Box. More recently she has formed a duo with guitarist Joe Harper, performing a mixture of her songs and his, with close harmonies and intricate guitars.

Previously based in Bath, Amie is currently living in Liverpool studying Music and English. She will continue to write, busk and gig there, drawing on the cities wealth of music and art and its unique energy.

Let’s see what Amie K has to say about Vocalzone!

“Saved my voice before really important gigs with the vocalzone pastilles. Allowed me to give a spectacular performance despite having had no voice about three hours before I went on stage.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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