Alex & Bec Crook


Some family’s are just born to perform!

Alex & Bec Crook are a Brisbane Brother Sister duo, with country folk pop influences. Alex Crook, started playing and creating music when he was seventeen and since has written a long list of original songs. The brother and sister came together a couple of years ago and together created their most recent EP, 21 Nights, their single ‘Suitcase’ hitting the ground running and featuring on many country radio stations around Australia.

With a resume that already includes Finalist in the QMusic Awards for Country, and appearances at Caloundra Music Festival, Gympie Muster, Tamworth Country Music Festival, and Urban Country Music Festival, the Crooks’ amazing journey looks set to continue.

lets see what Alex Crook had to say about Vocalzone!

“Playing around Australia on top of singing four sets every night on P&O Australia Cruise for a month, Vocalzones have saved my voice many times and allowed me to find endurance in my vocals. In those important gigs and radio interviews when my voice just doesn’t feel right Vocalzones are the first thing, I use to lift it to the level needed and help my vocal chords with demanding situations. I recommend the product to any singer who is struggling from tired vocals.”

Written by Vocalzone