Hailing from Bournemouth on the south coast of England, Al B. Damned has been tearing up the rock and metal scene since 2010. Taking influence from shock rock icons Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson plus a vast array of horror movies, the band have created a unique brand of horror-laced hard rock.

Since their inception, the band have self-released a seven-track EP and two full-length albums. Their music has been described by Metal Hobbit as a “seamless blend of romantic and psychotic” and by as “undoubtedly the best horror punk to ever come out of the UK”.

Listen to their Horrific poetry in their song ‘Modified’.

Over the years the band have toured relentlessly across the UK and Germany supporting the likes of Mushroomhead, Wednesday 13 and goth punk legends The Damned. They have been continuously praised for their incendiary showmanship, which has included the band’s singer and namesake being carried to the stage in a coffin, complete with pallbearers, fog and a creepy rendition of The Funeral March.

Through hard work and determination the band have built up a vast a dedicated worldwide following selling their music as far as Russia, Australia and Japan. They have a genuine care for their fans which has certainly helped propel them as a music loved act in the hard rock scene.

Here’s AL.B.Damned’s lyric video for the ghastly track ‘Scream Come True’ 

With new material currently being written for the next full-length album and the possibility of tours to new and exciting countries, 2018 seems like it will be a big year for this macabre little bunch.

Lets see what AL.B.DAMNED has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Vocalzone has, and always will be a vital part of my pre-show routine. I never leave home without them!”


Written by Dan Manley

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