Top 5 Myths About Singing You Probably Believe

Singing is one of the natural joys we all love- whether that be listening to our favourite artists, or performing some classic Adele hits in the shower. With so many ‘facts’ about singing flying around, it’s hard to know what to believe. So here are 5 facts/myths to help you know what’s what in the world of singing.

Myth: You sing from your diaphragm.

Fact: Although this ‘myth’ isn’t necessarily incorrect, it kinda oversimplifies the whole singing process. Research into this vocal phenomenon has shown us that we do not actually sing from just our diaphragm, stomach, toes, feet, hair etc but instead, through our larynx (voice box) and vocal cords. So next time you’re asked to ‘sing from your diaphragm’, you know much better than to listen!

Myth: Singing lessons aren’t for children.

Fact: This may seem more subjective than fact itself, but this commonly held belief is based on the idea that children’s voices haven’t developed in their early years, meaning any strain on the vocal cords could cause damage. It’s better to wait until the child hits vocal maturity, right? Wrong. As much as this myth sounds about right, vocal maturity may not be reached until a person’s late twenties/early thirties for some adults. Our voices adapt and change throughout adulthood, so if your child is gifted, there is no harm in allowing them to flourish with singing lessons.

Myth: You should not eat cheese before singing.

Fact: Interestingly enough, this myth is (unfortunately) true. Cheese, milk, butter and all other delicious dairy delights can cause unwanted acid reflux which slides through your oesophagus to burn your vocal cords, ouch! Not only this, but these dairy products help produce mass amounts of phlegm, making your throat less flexible and forcing you to clear it more often. Not great when singing, ay? So it may be worth laying off the Camembert before shows…

Myth: Whispering is a good way of saving/not damaging your voice.

Fact: In principle, this is true. However, the way some people whisper can almost be as strenuous for your voice as shouting. Most people want to be heard whilst whispering, so they put extra emphasis and strain on their whisper, which defies the point of whispering really. The only way of whispering correctly would be inconvenient as nobody would hear you! The best way to save your voice is just to relax, do not speak at all (especially no singing) and make yourself a nice cup of Vocalzone herbal tea blend…soothing.

Myth: Cough drops can help cure damaged vocal cords.

Fact: This couldn’t be less true, most mentholated cough drops are actually detrimental to your throats healing. The menthol in the sweets act as a sort of painkiller to block out the pain for a short while- this does not heal your throat and can cause you to do further damage. Of course, Vocalzone uses a mixture of Myrrh Tincture, Peppermint Oil AND Menthol in order to combat sore throats and pains; meaning the handy lozenge, blocks out the pain and heals simultaneously!

So to summarise; you don’t just sing from your diaphragm, give the kids singing lessons, don’t eat dairy before singing, whisper properly (or not at all), and use Vocalzone!

Written by Arron Thomas-Perry