Top 5 Most Innovative Music Festivals


With music being a means to express ourselves as individuals, festivals offer a platform to fully embrace this expression. Every year, different music festivals around the world gain popularity in various aspects based on creativity, inspiration, and originality. Below, you will find a count down of the most unique and innovative music festivals that are becoming most popular in 2017.

This is a 2-day event that has hundreds of names in multiple genres of music. As well as the tunes, the vibes, and the people, there are many events to partake in. Some of the events include yoga, workshops, dancing, celebrations, camping, artwork, hair braiding, poetry, crafts, storytelling, meditating, worship, and much more. There are even programs for children, which makes this famous festival a family friendly place, too. You can read more about their schedule and where you can purchase tickets on their website

This is a popular name with over 14,000 festival goers that reside in Swissvale and Rankin in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It draws in the history of the surrounding Carrie Furnaces by allowing those attending the party to take a tour of the site’s rich heritage. This is their biggest attraction for creating that memorable experience.

It also carries over a diverse set of names both in and out of the electronic and dance genre, such as Pittsburgh’s very own Wiz Khalifa. In addition, the festival also offers a wide range of amenities when purchasing tickets, all of which are fairly affordable. You can find more information on their website at


The 4-day event in Tennessee titled The Bonnaroo and Arts Festival is an extremely popular festival, which includes a silent disco event, amongst others. With musicians that range from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Lorde, you can jam out to your favorite DJs as well as enjoying other activities and features of the festival. Ticket prices for this event vary based on the type of admission you purchase. VIP and Platinum status prices are steep, but according to the reviews on Yelp, it is worth every penny.

Camping is one of the many accommodations available, assuming you don’t want to stay at a nearby hotel. Other options include Pods, which allow you to enjoy the overall communal experience. There are a total of ten different kinds of pods, all of which have different activities, and are well-known for various kinds of entertainment. From parades to yoga to dancing and even races or marathons, this festival is considered by many to be a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” in the States.

State Farm has also decided to get involved by creating their own ‘Here To Help’ lounge which offers free useful commodities to festival goers. With Wi-Fi and air conditioning, this makes the Here To Help lounge an extremely busy and interactive hot spot to hang out. There is a Kidz Jam specially made for children allowing them to learn about culture and music. For those who want to enjoy an alcohol free experience, you can check out Soberoo! There’s something for everyone at this festival. You can read more on their website at


Located in Boom, Belgium, Tomorrowland holds the reputation of being one of the most popular and largest music festivals in the world. Along with the psychedelic visuals and exquisite artwork, Tomorrowland offers package deals of all kinds, including a Detox Day to recover from all the madness that is Belgium.

You will find on that you can get on the waiting list for early access for tickets and other available packages for 2019. They sell out very quickly, so if you plan on attending this monstrous music festival, keep checking for updates on sales. Other possibilities at Tomorrowland are DreamVille, Global Journey, and Unite. All offer different types of fun, events, and much more.


An annual outdoor electronic music festival, that, according to, this has made the top spot on their list of the best electronic and dance music. It takes place in March in downtown Miami every year, and has already gained such a large following that some of their shows are already sold out.

If you look at their website, you will see that some of the ticket prices go as high as $1,499. In 2017, they take their show worldwide, touring in destinations like Indonesia, Hong Kong, Croatia, Spain, Taiwan, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Australia, and many more.

Watch the highlights from Ultra Miami 2014:

Whether you’re a fan of the arts, music, games, community, socializing, or all of the above, these music festivals offer many amenities to a wide range of individuals from children to adults. Festivals are amazing for vacations, birthdays, celebrations of any kind, and they even make for a really fun honeymoon.

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