Teen Awards Past Winners- BBC Radio 1

With BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2018 just around the corner, we’re starting to get excited for the event filled with world famous artists, non-stop music bangers and special appearances from our favourite celebs. This year’s ceremony will take place on the 21st October at the SSE Arena, Wembley with live performances from award winning artists such as; Little Mix, 5SOS, Liam Payne, Not3s and plenty more. This show stopping event is certainly one to look forward to! Join us as we take a look back at last year’s awards and the lucky 2017 winners.

Best British Solo Artist-

This one may not come as too much of a shock to you, but the 2017 Teen Awards Best British Solo Artist winner was…. Ed Sheeran. The lovable redhead (and Game of Thrones star) created UK number 1 hits in 2017, with the beloved ‘Shape of You’ spending a total of 14 weeks at number 1. Sheeran in fact had 10 songs that featured in the UK Official Charts Top 10 for 2017, so this award win did not come as a surprise for most.

Best Television Show-

Now this one is sure to have caused a bit of controversy at the Teen Awards. You may be thinking, ‘best TV show? Game of Thrones? Doctor Who? Stranger Things?’ Nope. The winner of this award was….Love Island. Yes, the romantic reality show which aims to find the perfect couple and rewards them with a whopping £50,000. This show may not be everyone’s cup of tea but sex sells and the general public seem to be fascinated with the on goings of the young, attractive individuals causing drama, arguments and funny moments in the Love Island Villa. A worthy winner if you consider the impressive viewing figures the show gets.

There have even been short lived spin-off shows from this series and the ITV producers seem set on milking the show for all its worth. And who can blame them, with the clear popularity and marketing potential of the show/it’s contestants, the television company have a hidden gem of a TV show on their hands.

Most Entertaining Celebrity- 

Stormzy (aka Michael Omari) was the grateful winner of this award. The Grime and ‘Shut Up’ artist received this award for his popularity amongst well, everyone. Being very active on social media, the rapper is always quick off the mark with his funny comments and is a huge personality off screen as well- being close friends with one of the world’s biggest and quirkiest sports personalities in Paul Pogba will always help with the entertainment side! The ever so modest UK star was surprised by the nomination himself, “I don’t know how I managed to pull off being most entertaining celebrity, I thought I was quite boring, but I guess you guys think differently.” We do indeed Big Mike- a well deserved Teen Awards win!

Best Single-

Possibly the most sought-after award of the event, this year’s Teen Awards win went to Dua Lipa for her single ‘New Rules’. The part Albanian singer first emerged in 2015 with her track ‘Be The One’, but it wasn’t until 2017 when her award winning single propelled her to fame- even Ella Eyre couldn’t resist a quick jig to the track as she handed Dua Lipa her award.

Best British Group-

These winners are actually performing at this year’s Teen Awards, they were previously mentioned so I do hope you’re paying attention… Little Mix were the worthy winners of this one. The four piece girl band shot to fame in 2011 after featuring on the X Factor and becoming the first ever group to win the competition- not even One Direction achieved this! Tunes such as ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ and 2015’s ‘Love Me Like You’ gave the London based girl group the popularity they deserve- having been labelled as Britain’s next Spice Girls, these talented artists are definitely here to stay.

Best British Vloggers-

Rose and Rosie were the winners for this prestigious Teen Awards win. With many extremely talented vloggers to choose from, this is certainly a fine achievement for the pair. The married female YouTubers often post ‘couch comedy’ content which includes, but not limited to; comedy skits, gaming videos, challenges, guides, collaborations with other YouTube stars etc. The couple recently announced that they will be going on tour for their fans- who are nicknamed ‘Boobies’ (I’m just as confused as you are). This tour will feature Q&As, promotion of their new book and a signing to go with it.

Best British Sports Star-

2017 was a very nice year for this star famous for his Mo-Bot (well, he’s famous for a few other reasons too). The quick and fit runner racked up the awards last year on and off the track. In case you hadn’t figured, we’re talking about the much loved Sir Mo Farah- that has a nice ring to it. 2017 was up there as one of the best years for Mo, after taking gold at the 10,000m World Championships in London, the runner went on to earn himself a knighthood, the Teen Awards Best British Sports Star and not to mention the win for BBC Sports Personality of the Year! Long may the awards continue for this Quorn promoter, anyone who has his amount of dedication for their career deserves everything good that comes their way.

Best International Group-

DJ duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have seen themselves thrive in the UK with their pop-EDM crossover tracks. Going by the name of ‘The Chainsmokers’, the American DJ duo broke out with their hit 2014 single ‘#Selfie’.  Recording tracks with famous artists such as Coldplay, Halsey and (coming soon) the South Korean boy band sensation BTS has only served to boost their fame. But we won’t take anything away from this extremely talented pair- a Teen Awards win well deserved.

Best International Solo Artist- 

This Teen Awards win is one of the most deserved by any winner, and it went to….Ariana Grande. The Italian-American singer has had a very difficult last couple of years. Tragic events have occurred completely out of her control, yet she’s somehow found herself at the centre of attention. Through all of this, she still managed to release popular hits such as ‘Heatstroke’ featuring Calvin Harris and ‘Quit’ in 2017 alone. The singer’s career progression has been very admirable to say the least and the cat-eared star has proved herself to be up there with one of the many likeable artists and personalities in the music biz.

Best Film-

This film featured the glamorous Hermione Gra…erm I mean Emma Watson and Pontypool’s very own, Luke Evans. Beauty and the Beast ranked highly with critics and achieved an impressive 7.2 rating on IMDb (movie buffs like me will agree on this admirable rating). The film was perfected from its cinematography to the cast chosen, this film literally brought the Disney animated classic to life- no complaints from anyone here or at the Teen Awards on this win.

Best Game-

The award for best game of 2017 was kind of surprising. I say ‘kind of’ as there were no arguments to its nomination- Mario Kart 8 (the winner) is a very intense and enjoyable game. Come on, we all love a bit of Mario Kart right? But this racing game surpassed classics such as Fifa 17, Pokemon Sun and Moon, The Legend of Zelda and Forza Horizon 3 to claim top spot. All of these games had a great surge of popularity behind them in 2017, so it was a very close call between the lot!

And thus concludes the list of Radio 1 Teen Awards 2017 winners- a list full of outstanding talent that is still relevant this year. Be sure to check out this year’s awards ceremony on the 21st of October to see the top picks of the teens for this year!

Written by Arron Thomas-Perry