Struggling to get hold of Vocalzone in Boots? Here’s why:

We’re aware that some of you may have encountered difficulties getting hold of your Vocalzone supply from Boots over the last couple of weeks, which we’re really sorry about. To give you all an update on what has happened; someone made a mistake at the warehouse where Vocalzone is stored, and that tiny error has now led to thousands of Turkish packs of Vocalzone accidentally getting delivered to Boots nationwide.

Edit: Everything has now been resolved and Vocalzone is back in Boots (better still it’s in English!).

We assumed that the majority of our customers in the UK aren’t fluent in Turkish, so for that reason have asked Boots to return these packs so that we can get the right Vocalzone out to our UK stockists.

In some cases, these Turkish packs have made their way onto the shop floor, and some customers have even bought them! Don’t worry – the product inside the Turkish packets is identical to our UK stock, but just reach out if you’d like more information on this.

Now onto some of the apparent reasons we’ve had a recall…

Vocalzone have been discontinued… NOPE

There is an issue with the ingredients… NOPE

Boots aren’t selling Vocalzone anymore… NOPE

So, the reality is that this product recall could quite possibly go down as being one of the most boring product recalls ever…. and now that I’ve wasted a couple more minutes of your day, I’ll let you get on with it.

Don’t forget, if you need your VZ supply now, you can order direct from the Vocalzone website and 90% of all orders placed before midday arrive the following working day.

Written by Vocalzone