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Update: Bournemouth based four-piece Sirpico are back with another live performance, here is their hit track ‘Jaime Lee’. Watch their latest live session down below!

Indie Rock meets Old School R&B four-piece Sirpico record their eagerly anticipated live session with us.

Based in Bournemouth, Al Sirpico (Piano & Lead Vocals), Dan ‘The Fury’ Meazza (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Paul Finch (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Tim ‘Pidge’ Pidgeley (Drums) are Sirpico. Their guitar driven sound is complimented by Al’s distinctive clear and punchy vocals. The piano fills the mix; each track intricately composed, their tight musicianship making for an immersive and atmospheric listen. During our interview Al explains of the group dynamic that the band began seven years ago but it wasn’t until the birth of their current line-up that it felt like the right fit.

Watch their live session recording of ‘The People’ here and scroll down to see an exclusive interview with the band:

Sirpico’s latest album ‘To Be Frank’ is available from most music platforms, head to their website (link below) for more details. You can view the music video for their latest single ‘Perfect Lady’ here.


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