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Check out the unforgettable performance of ‘Loneshark’ from the South Coast’s very own Our Hollow, Our Home

Our Hollow, Our Home are a five piece British melodic metalcore band from Southampton, UK. The band is composed of vocalist Connor Hallisey, guitarist and singer Tobias Young, guitarist Josh White, bass guitarist Bobby Brooks, and drummer Nicholas Taliadoros. Having known the guys for a number of years now, we were really excited to get this highly exciting band into our studios to record a Live Session of their track ‘Loneshark’. Lead vocalist Connor explained to us that ‘Loneshark’ was written about a close family member passing, and tackles the struggle with the emotions that we all have to face when dealing with the loss of a loved one. The track was intended to not only be reflective and personal, but also carry a sense of hope for the future.

Watch our full interview with the band below:

The critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hartsick’ was independently released on 3rd March 2017 and went to #1 in UK iTunes Metal and Rock charts as well as top 10 and top 20 placings in numerous countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Mexico. ‘Loneshark‘ is the second track of this album, so before we say anymore watch the full Vocalzone Live Session here:

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Here is what Our Hollow, Our Home had to say about the studio session

‘We had a lot of fun in the studio with the Vocalzone team. Really down to earth group of guys who are extremely driven and passionate about what they do.’

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