WITTERQUICK began at the end of 2014 in a back bedroom of Ollie’s house in Exeter.

Will, Ollie, and Ben, wrote for the sake of writing music, honestly, with no aims other than to write good music. After spending a while writing a collection of songs they loved, they decided to form a band and set out armed with a disc of home demos.

Watch Witterquick’s latest music video for ‘Run’ below!

They reached out to world renowned producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Twin Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis) who agreed to work with them after hearing their demos. Ollie says that working with Romesh was a huge step for them, and they didn’t take it lightly, “We got a call back from Romesh saying that he’d love to work with us, that was one of the first moments when we thought ok…this is getting serious.” The outcome of this was the 5-track EP ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’, which was mastered by Alex Wharton at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Check out their single ‘Bubblegum’ below!

Their debut EP ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’ (featuring cover model Samantha Ravndahl) was released on 17 June following the leading single ‘Rise’, and entered the official iTunes album chart at No. 35, and the alternative iTunes album chart at No. 9.

WITTERQUICK’s sound combines the intensity of punk-rock and the feel of the 70’s and 80’s stadium greats, with the melody of a pop band.

Let’s see what Sean Davey has to say about Vocalzone!

“The first time our vocalist Will had used Vocalzone pastilles was in the studio when we were recording our first EP. Romesh Dodangoda of Longwave Studios advised to use them as a way to help Will warm up his vocals. Once Will had used them and seen how they helped him better his vocal performance he has been using them for 4 years.”

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