The Killing Culture


Hard Rock group tearing up Norfolk with ease!

The Killing Culture are a modern female fronted, heavy rock band hailing from Norwich, Norfolk. Founded in late 2014 TKC pride themselves on creating stadium worthy choruses with aggressive melodic guitar hooks and pulsing drum fills.

After a few lineup changes and tweaks to their sound, the band released their first EP “Not the Enemy” in 2016 just after their first mini tour, which was well received, This helped them set up for their future endeavours and gained them supporting slots with bands such as Spanish rockers Electric Alley, Shields and The Treatment.

From The EP of the same name, heres ‘Not The Enemy’

The Band’s first EP “Not the Enemy” shows their musical talents and inspirations and how a wide variety of influences can come together and make some interesting tracks. After parting ways with guitarist Keiran Cook in early 2017 drummer David Crabb and the band decided to develop a heavier sound and throughout this year, they have been creating heavier riffs with Kieron Larcombe creating melodic bass lines that challenge Ben Spring’s guitar solos in tracks such as “Dreams” and Directions (Yet to be released). These tracks, although different to the previous EP, sound like the sassy rock tones of traditional TKC but with so much more. New guitarist Joseph McCarthy joined the band shortly after Kieran’s departure and has added to the melodic sounds of TKC bringing their new grooves to life with hard hitting riffs and breakdowns with energetic stage shows

Jump in the insanity with mind tearing track ‘Chaos Theory

With the line up now stronger than ever, vocalist Indie Fox and The Killing Culture are set to go on their first full UK tour later this year, releasing their new tracks to the audience before their next EP in mid 2018. With music videos and new songs coming soon, The Killing Culture are going to be hitting 2018 hard with shows up and down the UK.

Lets see what Indie Fox has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I first used Vocalzone when whilst on tour in 2016 after that I then used them before every show and after. I contracted a chest infection which then developed into a glandular fever, with the end of year shows coming up Vocalzone really helped me push through them whilst recovering.”

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