The Infernal Sea


Terrifying & captivating wrenched from the bleak, flat nothingness that makes up much of the surrounding area native to The Infernal Sea.

The Infernal Sea draw influences from the founding fathers of Black Metal while firmly imprinting their own unique plague-ridden UKBM stamp. This has lead them to support the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, 1349, Napalm Death, Mork, Rotting Christ and many more.

From their dark beginnings, here is ‘Agents Of Satan’.

Since their dark debut with ‘The Call Of The Auger’ The Infernal Sea have unleashed an EP as well as two split albums, one with Disinterred and the other with Old Corpse Road. the latest manifestation of the bands depravity comes in the form of ‘The Great Mortality released via Cacophonous Records in February 2016. 

The album focuses on the black death that swept across the UK and Europe from 1348 and the horrors that man inflicted upon one another as a result. The album saw TIS pushing their sound into more brutal, terrifying and dystopian territory.

Only bearing the darkest 0f gifts, The Infernal Sea bestow the music video for ‘Plague Herald’ from ‘The Great Mortality’.

As the band enter the next phase of their crusade, they have decided to distance themselves visually from humanity. They shall become faceless in an age where ‘faces’ are important. They shall be without names because names are irrelevant. What is important is the message. The Infernal Sea will continue to spread visceral hate through the medium of music. They are the Heralds of this Plague called life.

Let’s see what The Infernal Sea has to say about Vocalzone!

“With much satisfaction we can announce our union with the Vocalzone family. Entrusted by many other practitioners of vocal evil, we cannot ask for a higher blessing. As a band we pride ourselves on giving 100% at every performance; Vocalzone is essential for any practitioners that regularly push their voice to its limits. Infernal Hails.” 

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