Svet Kant


As unique as they are skilled in subverting the norms, Svet Kant do it with a finess rarely found or acheived.

Dublin’s most experimental and genre-blending quartet pushed and defied the boundaries of the metal world with the release of Loneliness (2013). New sonic landscapes and tantalising harmonic textures are explored with their soon to be released second full album “The Visage Unbiased”.

Formed in early 2011, Svet Kant became Santiago Kodela’s main priority after leaving Argentina behind. Through a quest of experimenting and defying the boundaries of the metal genre, Svet Kant re-designs both harmony and rhythm while defining a unique and un-missable personal sound. Completing line-up with Daragh Kenny (drums), Liamroy (guitars) and Noface (bass), the band constantly amazes audiences with their powerful and crushing performances.

The Visage Unbiased” sees Svet Kant working for the first time with Ireland’s top metal producer Michael Richards with bands such as Dead Label &¬†Cruachan) at Trackmix Studio on tracking and mixing; with final mastering at New York’s Sterling Sound by the hand of legendary engineer Ted Jensen (Deftones, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Gojira).

The vocal coaching by Judith Mok (Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke, Mick Jagger) and a guest appearance by soprano Rebecca Rodgers (Northern Ireland Opera) bring a unique and forward-thinking touch to the overall album, completely departing from the paradigms and rules of the metal genre.

The band continues to compose, demo, and record new material while attaining to a busy touring schedule. Touring highlights include festivals all across Irish territory as the headliner in cities such as Galway, Leitrim, Dublin, Cork, etc. Plus a full headliner Russian Tour in the year 2018. Currently, booking shows in the USA for 2020, soon to be announced.

Let’s see what Santiago Kodela has to say about Vocalzone

“I started using the Vocalzone products after a good friend and colleague from a fellow Irish band recommended them. He let me try a couple of throat pastilles just before hitting the stage. I remember noticing the easiness and the overall change in performance of that night. My throat was open, smooth, and the projection was clearly different. After that it became a must for all of my performances. Sticking to the ritual using the throat pastilles, warming-up, and taking care of my voice by drinking plenty of water and not straining my voice. After every show, I’d try to limit my speech to facilitate a faster recovery for future performances.”

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