Snake Bite Whisky

Jay R is the former lead singer of English sleaze rock revivalists, JackViper and current lead singer for Pavement Entertainment (USA) recording artist, Snake Bite Whisky. 

Snake Bite Whisky exploded onto the scene in 2014 and have quickly established themselves as one of Australia’s hardest hitting rock bands. Likened to early Guns N’ Roses with a healthy dose of Motörhead, the Snakes have built up a worldwide following thanks to their massive sound and heady mix of punk and heavy metal energy. Determined to bring the style and attitude of the eighties Sunset Strip kicking and screaming into the present, Snake Bite Whisky are a force to be reckoned with.

In July 2015, the band released their debut split single ‘Lost Saints / Cruel & Indiscreet’, which enjoyed widespread radio play in Australia, the US and the UK, with ‘Lost Saints’ charting at number 4 on the UK’s largest online rock radio station. The same year, front man Jay R was nominated for best vocalist at the TBFM Awards in the UK.

Watch Snake Bite Whisky latest music video ‘Down In The Dirt’ below.

2016 saw Snake Bite Whisky develop their sound further with the release of the garage EP ‘Two Steps To Oblivion’, which received extensive airplay around the world. At the same time, the band signed endorsement deals with Coldrock Whisky and Dirtbag Clothing. In July of that year, the band headlined a show in Tijuana, Mexico and blew up the stage at the 15th annual Cruefest at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood. The band used their time in Hollywood to also record follow up EP ‘Dirty’, which was released on 31 October the same year.

In December 2016, singer Jay R survived a near fatal heart attack from a blood clot. After coming out of the ordeal fighting fit, the band signed a global record deal with Pavement Entertainment (USA) and entered the studio to record their debut album ‘This Side Of Hell’, which was released by Sony Red in 2019.

From the EP ‘Dirty’ Snake Bite Whisky are up to no good in ‘Shoot You Down’.

The album received critical acclaim, with the first single ‘Down In The Dirt’ getting picked up all around the world. The same year, the band performed at Hard Rock Hell in the UK, alongside Backyard Babies, LA Guns and Jetboy, and continued to tour the album across the UK, Belgium and New Zealand, as well as throughout their native Australia.

The following year, the Snakes signed a new record deal with European label Sliptrick Records and recorded and released their follow up album ‘Black Candy’. Released in March 2021, ‘Black Candy’, led by full tilt first single ‘Thunderbird’, was spread all around the globe, with the album charting at Number 98 on the Italian iTunes all genre charts.

In 2023, the band performed at multiple shows and festivals around Australia and embarked on a tour of the USA that included headlining gigs in Hollywood, New Orleans, and Dallas. The band also put on a monster show at the infamous Rocklahoma Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma, alongside heavyweights Pantera, Limp Bizkit and Rob Zombie.

Snake Bite Whisky are currently working on their third full length album as well as a covers album for release in 2025. Their music is a sonic sledgehammer, spitting fire and fury, a Molotov cocktail of punk and metal ready to explode on your eardrums and their live shows are legendary!

The Snake Bite Whisky Lineup: Jay R – Vocals, DC Steffe – Lead Guitar,  Scuba Steve – Rhythm guitar, Stacii Blake, Karl Redmann – Drums.

Let’s see what Jay R has to say about Vocalzone!

“I have tried many different throat lozenges over the years but exclusively use Vocalzone since coming across them in the U.K when playing in JackViper in London. It’s the only lozenge that helps my voice survive the rigors of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle on the road and in the studio.”

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